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Why Choose Academy?

Why Choose Academy vs. Recreational

The difference between participating in an academy program or recreational program is the level of investment, commitment and interest that a player and their family has in soccer. To help best decide what level of pay is most appropriate for your child look at the characteristics of an Academy player:

  • Demonstrates sound technical skills (control, dribbling, and shooting)
  • Physically stronger than most players within their age group
  • Athletically quicker than most players within their age group
  • High level of coordination and good agility
  • During games is aggressive in their attitude and approach to getting involved
  • During games tends to dominate the play
  • Demonstrates high level of focus and concentration during practices and games
  • Started to narrow down the number of extra-curricular activities
  • Soccer is a high priority
  • Practices with a ball on own time outside scheduled games & practices
  • 9U or 10U player who will try-out for the 11U Select/competitive age group

 If your child displays a majority of the characteristics listed they are probably more suited to that level of play. However, it should be noted that during a player's soccer development they may move back and forth between academy and recreational play. 


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